Welcome to high n dirty, a blog dedicated to rocks, dirt and the life they inspire.

Here you’ll find a hodgepodge on climbing, traveling, eating and playing in the dirt.

I talk about it all: from climbing internationally on a budget to pooping in the woods.

I give you the whole story–all the highs, lows, faces and places of my adventures. We’ll go back to Big Bend National Park together, or out West to meet my friends from a trail crew in southwest Colorado.


I’m a dirt person.

My name’s Nicole. I’m a normal girl from the north Atlanta suburbs who lives for Earth’s simple treasures: rocks, dirt, sunshine and open air.

Like the rest of society, I like my comfort zone. Fuzzy throw blankets and oat milk lattes make me very happy.

But even more than that—I love to leave it.

Sometimes that means taking a bath in Colorado’s Animas River as cars pass by overhead. Other times, it’s committing to a scary move on a rock climb way above my perceived abilities.

Whatever it is, I hope my stories motivate you to sink your toes in the dirt and embrace your inner wild Thornberry.


This is a safe space for all you dirt people.

You don’t have to wear deodorant here. No one’s going to judge you for spending your last penny on a trip to Fontainebleau weeks before Christmas (sorry Mom).

We walk around barefoot at the crag.

We wear sunburned shoulders like a badge of honor.

We eat the apple and the core.

Just me? Don’t worry. You’ll get there.

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