My Go-To Climbing Pants: Black Diamond's Alpine Light Pants

my go to climbing pants 1

Let’s get right to it.

I could live in these pants. They’re Black Diamond’s Alpine Light Pants. And I’m obsessed.

If I had to choose one pair of pants to wear for the rest of my life—I’d take the Alpine Light Pants into some serious consideration. You can do all the things in them: climb, hike, work, sleep, whatever. Yes, I’ve slept in them.

You know they’re a keeper when you don’t wake up halfway through the night in a sweaty, belligerent frenzy because you’re so fed up and hot that you rip everything off.

So, why are they the best?

When I pack my bag for a trip, I usually throw in a few pairs of pants. Without fail though, I always end up wearing the Alpine Lights every day because of their comfort and convenience.

First off, the waist belt is adjustable. This is nice after a big meal for when I need to loosen up around my full tummy. Or, once I go to the bathroom later on and now need things a little tighter.  No matter the circumstance, you’re always comfortable.

The waist also runs high, which I prefer. They sit on top of my hips, so when I use contorted beta and super high feet, I don’t worry about my pants sliding down and slightly mooning all my spotters (it happens).

One of the best features for climbing is that the ankles cinch. You know that moment when you’re at the crux and you need to throw a sketchy heel hook to make the next clip—BUT oh look, your pants are trapped underneath your shoe.

I’m stressed already. PTL for cinched ankles.

Because they’re the “light” version of Black Diamond’s Alpine Pants, the swishy, nylon material is super breathable, soft and can adapt to any season. They stay cool in the summer and protect you from the heat. And in colder weather, it’s easy to layer and stay insulated because of their loosely fitted softshell design. 

Source: Black Diamond Equipment

Other perks:

  • Two front pockets, two rear pockets, and one long thigh pocket

  • Water-resistant finish

  • Flexible construction—perfect for reachy moves and high stepping

  • Wind protection

  • Durable—despite the thin, nylon material


I do have one complaint.

Hidden inside the back pockets, two holes have ripped so wide that I can’t confidently put small items in without them falling out. The holes are big enough for me to slide my hands through and touch my bare butt.

I’m shocked because I’ve put these pants through hell over the last three years, and they’ve never ripped anywhere else but inside the back pockets.

Other than that, they’re a dream. The pros outweigh the cons, and that’s the only con I can find.

I hope this was helpful and y’all can experience Black Diamond’s brilliance when you try on a pair for yourself. If I missed any details you were hoping for or you found this review helpful, let me know in the comment below!