Simple Send Snacks For a Day of Climbing


Bouldering in a group of high-energy climbers is potent breeding ground for psych.

Especially if they are as supportive as they are strong.

You find yourself repeating “OK guys. One more try,” for the fiftieth time as you hobble back to the start holds. You plop on top of the crash pad, take a deep breath and announce, “This is my last time…I swear.”

No one believes you.

I too caught the one-more-burn bug a few weeks back.

The more attempts I put down, the more I wanted to go again. But every time gravity body-slammed me back to Earth, my sending-potential dropped to a new low.

After falling from a desperate throw for the last hold, I crawled to a nearby tree and yanked off my climbing shoes. My sudden defeat startled my friends.

“What are you doing?” they asked.

“Quitting,” I pouted.

“What? No, you’re not. Eat something,” they said.

“I’m done.”

They looked serious.

“Ok. Fine.” I rolled my eyes.

I stared at the boulder and ate an avocado sandwich. A few minutes later, I was ready.

“For real though guys...this is my last try.” I lied.

Two moves in—gravity said, “YEA NOPE,” and I was back on the ground. Cool.

I jumped up and ran back to the start. This time, the sandwich’s powers released in full-force and turbo-boosted me through the crux and to the final hold—a deep, satisfying jug.

My brain flooded with dopamine. Ahhhhh, thank you snack Gods.

Below I’ve listed five of my favorite send snacks. They’re simple. Sometimes, it’s a banana. Occasionally, it’s chocolate. But that day, the avocado sandwich was my send snack.

Each one has fueled me through a climb after zillions of tries once I finally resign to take a snack break.


Avocado Sandwich

Nothing wrong with the classic PBJ, but an avocado sandwich is a simple way to spice up that mid-climbing day slump.

Just make two slices of avocado toast and smash them together. Toasting the bread keeps the sandwich from getting soggy.

I add salt, pepper and whatever other spices I’m feeling, such as turmeric, paprika, garlic or onion powder.


Once you get over how much dates resemble cockroaches, add these little nuggets to your lunch box.

I’ve seen people toss back a bunch of sugary snacks before sending. Though it may do the trick in the moment, the high won’t last long.

To avoid a sugar crash later in the day, this healthier option is the way to go.


This snack is insultingly simple. Just throw a banana in your pack. Yes, really.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent a problem after accepting that I’d never see the top out holds just moments before eating a banana.

Not sure what the secret is other than the natural sugars. But I’m telling you, bananas are the way.


This is more of a throughout-the-day snack.

I don’t down a bunch of cashews just before an attempt. Too many nuts at once can make me feel heavy.

But when hiking down the trail, pop a few in your mouth to sustain energy as you bounce between climbing areas. Your options are endless: cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, brazil nuts or whatever is on sale at the grocery store.

Pro tip: shop in the bulk section.

Dark Chocolate

Not gonna lie, dark chocolate is a necessity some days.

Don’t count on it for any nutritional value (antioxidants?), but for its immediate boost in morale.

If you can refrain from inhaling a whole bar on the drive to the crag (no shame), treat yourself for trying hard later. A few squares pre and post-climb may give your brain the happy feels it needs to keep psych alive.


Cure one-more-burn syndrome with the right send snacks to make each move feel a little less desperate. They can make or break a climbing day. They matter.

And aside from a day in the woods with friends and sunshine, the snacks we bring are half the reason we go climbing..right?

If you have a favorite snack that you never leave the house without for a day of climbing, let me know below what you’re nibbling on before the send-go!